I was able to hear it on my own and clearly when I announced summaries of my plans or invited people to become a part of them; without something to back my “unusual” ideas or by not being capable of fully present them on a sporadic conversation, those can seem vastly different to what they really are, aside of encountering a wide range of possible interpretations.

I was chatting with an acquaintance about a series of thoughts when in the middle of my speech I caught the fact that the thing that I’ve bult over 30 minutes of non-stop talking seemed exactly like a cult. At the very least and as I’ve been let know, my plans can be taken as half-fledged ideas or idealisms.

Surprisingly enough, I hadn’t said a word that I could consider “wrong”, every single one was intentional and wasn’t able to argue that I didn't mean to use it that way, but I couldn't stop them to reach similar destinies without being willing to manipulate them artificially.

My idealistic and dreaming mind (and many others) can get suspicious when there’s nothing working behind it, when you don’t know the primitive values of the mouth you’re listening, when your own idea of the person stands out way more than the real self that speaks.

Since then I thought it’d be exhausting for both the receptor and me to give a class of “me” to every person that I tried to adhere to something, especially because my plans involve a decade long ideology that contradicts many logics and truths that people learn.

Since it’s a plan in which I plan to spend my whole life, most parts aren’t complete yet, they need constant work and hands of specialized people, my plans aren’t laid out on the slightest.

The challenging part is give another person a well-knitted image and overall, a possible one. It’s unlikely people see what I see when all the information is locked inside of my mind and I cannot share those thoughts exactly as they show raw in my head in a matter of seconds.

To save myself all that time and taking advantage of my fondness towards the written word I decided that first I need to put a series of books at the worlds disposal indicated who and why I am, attaching all my ideas that gravitate towards that. What it was going to become the title of my first book became the name of my whole writing phase.

The first brick’s main goal is to express my thoughts and perspectives. The first project of the saga. So far, I feel ready to share the three next steps that I want to take, but the bridge I’m working on has dozens and my life’s goal is to do as many as I can, stopping when I’m forced, whether for lack of life, energy, money or support.

If by an odd chance you found this without reading me first, I’d like for you to give me a chance to present myself in an extensive manner: El Mono en el Trono (English Title: That Ape, on the Throne) encapsulates my travels around the world that took place within my mind.

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The first brick